Saturday, September 10, 2011

Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob

The world is a better place to me now that I know a place like Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob exists.  It has been over twelve hours since my wife and I have eaten dinner there, and I still cannot stop thinking about their doner kabob and curry fries.  Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob is easily my new favorite place to eat in Omaha.

What makes Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob (AFK) so damn good?  First of all, it is located in the Dundee area which is a very unique and fun neighborhood to spend an evening out on the town.  AFK blends perfectly into the Dundee atmosphere. The small but quaint AFK is housed in the corner of a rustic old-school red brick building on 50th Street just south of Underwood Avenue (the main drag of the Dundee business district).  There is just enough seating inside for this type of place and plenty more outside along the street.

You order your food and drink at the counter that separates you from the open kitchen where you can see the bohemianesque gentlemen work their magic listening to some old-school Gene Autry type country music.  The two guys running the place were all business and prepared our meals very quickly.  They had our baskets of food ready in less than five minutes and we were even there during the six o'clock hour.  For those of you that like to eat really late, AFK is open until 10pm on Monday through Thursday and 3am on Friday and Saturday according to their website.  A doner kabob would be the perfect way to top off a night of drinking or if you just felt the need for a late night snack.  From what I have read, AFK is a pretty interesting place to be during the wee hours of the morning.

The food is the main reason to go to AFK.  This may seem obvious since they are a food establishment but you have no idea how good their food is until you experience it yourself.  AFK has chosen to channel all of its energy and focus into just a few dishes.  They only offer a doner kabob sandwich, a falafel sandwich, salad versions of these two sandwiches, curry fries with mayonnaise, and soup (which seems to be only offered in the cooler months).  Their wise tactic of an extremely small menu has paid off immensely.  It has allowed them to make these sandwiches (and fries) absolutely incredible.

The spicy version of the doner kabob, which is a Turkish sandwich usually made with gyro-type meat, is mind scrambling.  I felt like I was going to pass out due to the rush of deliciousness that invaded my brain.  Just when I thought it couldn't get any better I tried the curry fries with mayonnaise.  I savored every bite of my fries (and most of my wife's).  I probably would have hissed at someone like a starving wild beast if they would have tried to grab one of my fries.  Don't be worried when you notice your fingertips turn all yellow from the curry on the fries.  It wipes right off.  And trust me, you won't care because of how good they are.  My wife preferred to use the tiny fork they supply you, but personally I think you should use the barbaric approach when eating this type of food.  Anyway, the food was fantastic.  I highly recommend the spicy version of the doner but they also offer a garlic and a herb version.

Check out Amsterdam Falafel & Kabob as soon as you can.  Their food is remarkable!  If the unthinkable ever happens to this place and they are forced to close for some reason, a small part of me will die inside and the world will be a worse place.  On the lighter side, you will thank me when you moan with satisfaction as you chew your first mouthful of AFK's wonderful food.

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MY RATING (out of 10):
10 (++++++++++)

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  2. Exploring Omaha,

    Your post had me at Curry Fries. I can honestly say that I have never had a Falafel, and as a man, I think we have all had kabobs. However, my fiancé loves Greek food so she would most likely love this place.

    We are moving to Omaha next month and she wants to check out a ton of places in town once we tackle the task of moving in. Since I found your blog while searching for food blogs in the area, I particularly liked that you rated each place. Since this was the first place I saw was rated a 10 when scrolling through, we will be sure to check it out.

    Thanks for all of the great local information on food.



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