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My family was in the southeast part of Lincoln a few weeks ago, and we were wondering where we should eat lunch (it seemed like it had been forever since I had been out to eat in Lincoln).  After a brief discussion, we decided to check out FireWorks.  My previous visits to FireWorks had been quite successful, so I was very comfortable with the choice.  I had eaten there a few times when they were located in the Haymarket and once at there current location just southeast of 84th and Old Cheney.

FireWorks current location is very nice and well kept.  Although it doesn't have the old-school charm of the Haymarket, they have done a nice job replicating some of that charm while establishing a state-of-the-art look and feel.  Also, the building is very eco-friendly according their website.  The wood fire aroma that permeates the air when you walk into the restaurant is extremely pleasing and is almost hypnotic (they must be utilizing the powerful effect that the sense of smell has on people's minds to their advantage).  As far as the service went; it was outstanding.  Our server was pleasant, made us feel welcome, and helped us out when assistance was needed.

If I was going to describe what kind of food is served at FireWorks, I would say besides the fact that everything is cooked by a wood fire, they take the usual American style restaurant dishes and modify them slightly by adding bold and sometimes spicy flavors and ingredients to them.  For instance, they serve a club sandwich with pepper-jack cheese and sun-dried tomatos, a chicken salad sandwich with pineapple and toasted almonds, and a tuna filet topped with a wasabi sauce.  For the most part I love this concept and enjoy their versions of these types of dishes.  However, I find their wood-fired pizzas to be the best part of the menu.  For example, I could not get over how good their cheese pizza was.  Yeah, you read correctly.  Cheese pizza.  If you are anything like me, whenever the idea of ordering a cheese pizza is mentioned, I instantly either say or think the word "BORING".  But not anymore.  FireWorks had altered my opinion of cheese pizza forever.  After tasting their pizza this last visit, I have vowed to get the prime rib pizza next time.

Now, don't get me wrong.  I have enjoyed a lot of their other dishes too.  They make a pretty good crab cake salad (even though I thought it was a little too expensive), and I have enjoyed some of their barbeque type dishes in the past.  For instance, whenever someone mentions FireWorks, I always think of their spicy coleslaw right away.  My daughter's chicken strips were extremely tasty.  They were not the usual microwaved frozen chicken fingers we have come to expect from most restaurants.  She was also served an above average ice cream dessert that our whole table devoured.  One person of our clan ordered The Cuban sandwich and really liked it.

FireWorks efficiently serves quality food (especially their pizza) in a modern and inviting location in southeast Lincoln.  I recommend it for lunch and dinner when you are looking for a little added punch of flavor to one of your favorite American dishes.

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MY RATING (out of 10):
8 (++++++++++)

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  1. One of the best lunch experiences I've ever had! Try the wood fired salmon - perfectly cooked, moist, and flavorful.

    Matt Cowger,
    Grime Solvers Inc.


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