Saturday, July 30, 2011


Charleston's, located near the 137th Street exit on Dodge, is a solid place to eat.  It is another bright spot in the West Omaha culinary scene that keeps getting brighter and brighter to me as I scour this portion of the metro area.  In fact the restaurant nook just north of Boys Town where Charleston's resides is a very convenient hotspot (right off of Dodge) of high quality culinary establishments.  Not only does Charleston's, the northern most location of this southern based restaurant chain, look very elegant inside and out, it consistently serves some very respectable food.  I have eaten there several times and never have been disappointed.

The best part of Charleston's is the graceful and majestic atmosphere.  The impeccably spotless dining area soothes you into a passive eating mental state as you sit down and scan your menu.  There is something unique about how their dark-wood and semi-low lighting calm your senses and prepare you for your meal.  The bar area wraps around a huge stately dark-wood bar that screams elegance.  Upon viewing the bar as you first walk into the establishment you will instantly be compelled to order a scotch and water and spend the rest of the evening perched on one of its stools.  Well maybe that's just me but you get the idea.  While the place is wall to wall class, you never feel any sort of snootiness or "I am better than you" attitude from anyone when you are there.  As a matter fact, you really don't have to get carried away with your attire.  It is a very casual place to eat.  As for the service, it is usually very prompt and of a high quality. 

Their food is good too.  I have sampled a French Dip, a Reuben, steak, fries, and even a slice of key-lime pie throughout my Charleston's eating career, and I have always walked out satisfied.  The brief one page menu has a large range of prices.  You can really spend some money there if you want.  For those who are looking for a steak and the whole works (salad, sides, and drinks), you will have a pretty hefty bill but it will be worth every penny.  There are plenty of economical options available too (burgers, sandwiches, and salads) for those of us watching our bank accounts with extreme caution.  Kids are welcome at Charleston's too.  They offer the usual kid friendly options but with a unique Charleston's twist.  And, the Gluten Free fanatics have their own menu to choose from which is just as big as the ordinary one.

If you are in the neighborhood of 137th and Dodge, or in one of the few fortunate cities across the U.S. that has a Charleston's (mostly in Arizona and Oklahoma), stop by for a calming and tasty experience.  Charleston's has the rare ability to adapt to several types of occasions.  Whether you are on a date, with the family, or trying to impress a client, the place will fit your needs.  Oh, and check out the bar too if you're into that sort of thing.

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MY RATING (out of 10):
8 (++++++++++)

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