Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cappy's (Omaha)

I have debated and debated on whether to write about Cappy's in Omaha, Nebraska.  It isn't because I am ashamed of going there or I had a bad experience.  The reason I want to keep my experiences at Cappy's hush hush is because I selfishly want this "Food and Spirits" oasis all to myself and the other handful of down-to-earth regulars who frequent the place.  The truth is that hardly anyone knows about the place and those who do, never have anything bad to say about it.  The few times I have frequented the bar and grill, there were just enough people either eating (when I went there for lunch) or drinking (when I stopped by for a few dirt-cheap pitchers with some friends).  This perfect symmetry of people, open seats, and lack of socialite wannabes is ideal for when you are looking for a place to sit down for a few hours and have some quality food, drinks, and fun without having to battle for space and fashion sense.  So, if you decide to go to Cappy's, don't tell anyone.  Keep it on the down-low, okay!

Hopefully you realize I'm kidding (kind of), but be sure to stop by Cappy's (located at 5059 S. 108th Street) for lunch or a drink sometime.  They serve some mean bar food.  One of the days of the week, which I cannot remember, they serve a very popular and inexpensive steak dinner for lunch.  Their burgers are very good for the price and from what I hear; the days they serve Mexican are ones not to be missed.  Cappy's is more of a bar than a grill to me.  The drinks are cheap and the atmosphere is nothing special (in a good way).  In fact the place has the old-school grungy bar look that has not been updated for quite some time.  While I know certain people like different types of bars and these tastes are determined by wealth, whether you're single or not, and a number of other factors, but Cappy's makes me feel at-ease.   The lack of concern when it comes to design or trends by management allows them to focus on different aspects of the bar like cheap prices, good service, and even a really good internet jukebox.  The regular's give off an unintentional "everyone is welcome" vibe which is very welcoming compared to the blaring silent stares you can get when you walk in the doors of some watering holes.  One of the other harmless caveats of Cappy's that you need to be aware of, but won't be surprised by, is they do not take credit cards.  So, be sure to stop by the ATM or plan on visiting one of the ATM's nearby Cappy's for cash to pay for your food or beverages.  This would bug me in most places but it fits Cappy's perfectly.

I highly recommend Cappy's if you want to go to a place that concentrates on cheap food, cheap beer, and a down-to-earth atmosphere, instead of decorations, table styles, and mood lighting.  Pull up a bar stool at a place with a sparse clientele who doesn't mind your presence at "their" favorite spot.  Just don't tell too many people.  I don't want to mess up the symmetry.  I'm kidding (not really)!


Cappy's now takes credit cards!  Times are a changing!

MY RATING (out of 10):
9 (++++++++++)

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