Friday, March 11, 2011

Bison Witches Bar & Deli

When people go to a bar to eat they expect to find burgers, french fries, and other grease oriented foods on the menu.  Sometimes this is exactly what we are looking for, but sometimes we desire a non-burger option while we soak down some drinks. This is where Bison Witches Bar & Deli comes into the picture. They offer the non-burger or non-fried food alternative.  This concept is what makes Bison Witches unique.  They have combined a bar and a deli into one satisfying place that offers a large selection of deli-type sandwiches, soups, and appetizers.

As I scanned over the menu the last time I was there, I noticed that I have tried all of their sandwiches (I used to live right across the street), and I have never been disappointed. The T.A.C., Loretta, and Beef and Brie are my favorites. If you are a light eater, I would urge you to order a half of a sandwich because they are gigantic.  However, the best item on their menu is not a sandwich at all.  It is the Chicken and Cheese Nachos. They are excellent.  Not only are they extremely good, you get a ton of nachos (they are served on a serving tray, not a plate, a tray). For those of you that are like me and enjoy a nice bowl of soup, you will like Bison Witches. They have their usual soups (i.e. chili and Wisconsin cheese) and a soup of the day that never disappoints.  Not only do they have good food at Bison Witches, your bill will not give you whiplash after you look at it. A huge sandwich (that comes with chips) and a drink will be less than $10.

The bar portion of Bison Witches, which is integrated nicely with the rest of the establishment, is effective.  They have a large selection of beers (domestic, micro, and imported) and always seem to have really good specials for all kinds of beers on different nights.  I have never ordered a mixed drink or any hard alcohol from the bar at Bison Witches for some reason.  It seems that beer complements a deli sandwich more effectively than something with hard alcohol.  For the people who enjoy non-alcoholic beverages, like a Coke, you will be in heaven.  Sodas come in huge glasses and have free refills.  And speaking of refills, the service is usually always good.  In all of the times I have been to Bison Witches (which is a lot!), I have had only one bad experience with a server.

Bison Witches location is perfect and will only get better as Lincoln continues to enhance the downtown area.  It's located at 1320 P Street, right in the middle of Lincoln's entertainment heartbeat.  It alone is worth a trip downtown, but it is also a good supplement to the evening for those already heading to the area for some other reason.  Bison Witches is right next to the Coffee House and Rococo Theater and blocks from the Lied Center, the downtown theater, the Haymarket, and many other attractions in the area.

All of the criteria (good food, service, atmosphere/location, and price) that go into making a high quality establishment are easily found at Bison Witches.  You can get some quality non-greasy food (and a lot of it) while you enjoy a beverage of your choice in the perfectly located Bison Witches.

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MY RATING (out of 10):
9 (++++++++++)

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